What it means to be a part of us

To Join:

Let us choose your angel for you 

When you join, the system will randomly but carefully pick a person for you, together with information about them, their photos and story.

After reading about that person you would be able to choose a deed of your own and whether to do it once or to commit to it for the longer term, in order to spread a bit of their light in the world.

You can add the deed you chose by pressing on “add a good deed” on their page, so their family, friends and all of the other potential viewers would be able to see all of the good that has been and is created thanks to them!

We would be happy for you to share your experiences from the project, together with photos/videos or anything else of your choice on our Facebook page and on your social media!

During this year, in order to stay committed to the task and keep getting updated on your angel and any upcoming events, we ask you to take part in a symbolic monthly donation that each participant will decide on for himself. The donation will go to the writing and introduction of the Torah book that is written in honor and dedication to them, as well as to the furthering of the action for their commemoration.

To be a part of the community:

We have created several different options in which you can connect to a community, thus ensuring each of us finds the best-suited option individually:


On our Instagram page we will upload daily stories about people in the project, share the experiences that were sent to us, the actions you take, the activities that are happening, and all the good that we create together to continue spreading the joy of our loved ones.


On our Facebook page you can upload photos and share experiences connected to the acts you are taking. You can find people with whom you can act together, upload your ideas on how to increase doing good,schedule study days in your Angel’s memory, performances, joys, or whatever comes to your mind.


We are in the process of creating a Torah Scroll in this project, but so that everyone can feel a part of it- we connected with Rabbi Yoav Akrish from the podcast 'Parsha of the Week in a Contemporary Perspective' - he will help us make a connection between Torah in a more mundane way so that everyone can take something on, daily.

We are happy that you chose to join us so that the light of our loved ones can now also be a part of your life!
And with God's help, and thanks to you, we would be able to celebrate together all the good we have done in a year's time