Let us choose for you one person whose story you will continue

"And you shall choose Life"

On the Shabbat of Simchat Torah, our loved ones were murdered because of their faith. Siblings, friends, children, spouses, and families. Angels who came to celebrate, to spread love and happiness.

We invite you to join us to hallow their memory, and to continue the good they wanted to spread in the world.

If each one of us embodies something from the life of a departed soul, we have the power to illuminate the world that was darkened on that tragic Saturday. Now, the decision to act with kindness or malice rests with us. And we understand more than anyone that choosing life is synonymous with choosing love.

More than 400 Angels wait for you to meet them

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Shai Shalev

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Lin Dafni

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Segev Israel Kizhner

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Oron Beilin

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Or Ziv

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Maor Garziani

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Mor meir Trabelsi

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Eden Ben Rubi

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Inbar shem tov

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Shai Shalom Elior Musafi

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Liraz nisan

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Sigale Levy

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קשת כלפה

20/11/2001 - 07/10/2023

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